Sexy Beach 3 / Map conversion howto

First Edition: 12-Oct-2009

0. Special information for English edition.

* This text is a translated version. The original is written in Japanese.
* I do/can not answer to following questions. (Probably "SB3 mod release thread" and "SB3 mod discussion thread" in Hongfire will help you!)
How to get SB3 outside Japan?
How to work SB3 on non-JP Windows?
How to get english patch for SB3?
* Yen sign (¥) has the same meaning as backslash in Japanese Windows.

1. Introduction

This text is a howto information to convert the map data of ILLUSION's hentai games into "Sexyビーチ3" (SexyBeach 3, SB3).

2. Procurement

Sexy Beach 3

Please refer here.

PPExtractor and DGDecrypt

Tools to handle the *.pp archive files in ILLUSION's games.
They unpack a dropped *.pp to a folder, in reverse, they repack the dropped folder to a *.pp file.
DGDecrypt is only for "デジタル彼女" (Digital Girl, DG), and PPExtractor is for the most ILLUSION's games except DG.
Please DL them from Hongfire..., but I prepared copies to you! (^-^;

Another ILLUSION's game

I succeeded the conversion from "人工少女3" (Jinko Shojo 3, JS3 / Artificial Girl 3, AG3) and DG.
Probably, all ILLUSION's games are OK if they are corresponded to PPExtractor.

3. Importing

This is an example to import the "Girl's room" map of JS3 to "Undersea (Daytime)" map of SB3.
(1) Drag & Drop "sb3_0400.pp" of SB3 and "js3_00_01_00.pp" of JS3 to the PPExtractor to unpack.
(2) Overwrite files like below.
js3_00_01_00\mb01_00_00.xl -> sb3_0400\mp02_01_00_00_00.xl
js3_00_01_00\mb01_00_00.xx -> sb3_0400\mp02_01_00_00_00.xx
(3) Drag & Drop "sb3_0400" folder to PPExtractor and repack "sb3_0400.pp" to repack.

Copy the set of *.xl (Lighting data) and *.xx (Main data) like this. --- That's all. Very easy! (^-^;
In DG's case, you can also convert the map (m0?_0?.xx in each *.pp) like this except you use DGDecrypt instead of PPExtractor.
By the way, there is some of reports that "Undersea" map of SB3 is OK, but some of maps like "Waterfall" is sometimes failed.

This is the list of the map file names of SB3 and JS3.
SB3 (sb3_0400.pp - mpXX_YY_00_00_00.xx) ([YY] 01: Morning and Afternoon, 02: Evening, 03: Night & Midnight)
01: Beach 02: Undersea 03: Pool 04: Waterfall 05: Spa 06: Scrag 07: Bedroom 08: Kitchen 09: Livingroom
JS3 (js3_00_01_00.pp - m???_00_00.xx)
b00: Beach c00: Undersea g00: School 1F
g01: School 2F
g02: Classroom
g03: Nurse's office
h00: Boy's room
h01: Girl's room
h02: Japanese room
h03: White room
h04: Chateau 2F
h05: Shared room
j00: My house 1F
j02: Livingroom
j03: Bathroom
j04: Locker room
k00: Road y00: Chateau 1F z00: Shrine
JS3Plus (Han'nari) (js3_01_01_00.pp - m???_00_00.xx)
g01: School 2F
g06: School Roof
h03: White room
h04: Chateau 2F
k00: Road l00: Laboratory m00: Moon n00: Secret room s00: Station

4. Start

If you encount the error "0x0a00000?" on the window mode, please ignore it.

Sometimes there are some of problems like "double sky" (Daytime and Night sky is shown at the same time).
Please remove the needless objects by SB3Utility.